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RAYMO Commercial Electric Mower Working on Slope Near Pond

Jesse Mack Enterprises is pleased to have been selected as the only dealer for RAYMO Mowers in California. RAYMO is a line of remote commercial electric mowers distributed nationally through Green Climber of North America. Commercial electric mowers offer the opportunity for zero-emission and noise-reduction mowing. Applications typically include …

• Sports Fields and Playgrounds
• Solar Farms
• Eco-Sensitive Terrain
• Municipal Applications
• Slopes and Embankments
• Noise Regulated Spaces
• Cemeteries
• Wildflower Meadows
• Low Clearance Spaces

With a RAYMO mower you get …

• Modularity — Many Machines from One
• Tool Carrier 
• Remote Control

• Powerswap Battery System — for 24/7 Operation

• 4-Wheel Drive
• Zero Turn Steer
• Handles Obstacles 
• Silent-as-Possible Operation
• No Fluid Spills 
• Fits in Narrow Spaces 
• Fits under Low Structures
• Tight Edging Even around Curves
• Almost Zero Cost to Operate
• Zero Emissions
• Mower Decks Tilt for Super Easy Cleaning
• Mower Decks Dismount Easily from Carrier (TORPEDO)


The Carrier That Brings Modularity

TORPEDO a mower deck carrier

Modularity is something that makes RAYMO mowing systems truly unique. TORPEDO is the basic tractor / carrier on which you mount your selected mower deck. It is powered with a fully electric cartridge. All mower decks and power cartridges are compatible and can be changed anytime — now or in the future, allowing you to get the latest upgrades with maximum flexibility. Best of all, you can configure a RAYMO mower to best suit your job.

RAYLINK Telemetry and Tracking Service

RAYMO RAYLINK Tracking Service Screen

RAYMO is connected to the cloud. The RAYLINK system is mounted on the TORPEDO basic tractor to transmit system status information to the cloud where it can be accessed by customers as well as service centers. You will be able to use a fleet management system with detailed work logs, system status data — Live GNSS position, past operation logs, current machine configuration (connected power cartridges, mower decks), serial numbers, SW versions, operating hours, system modes and battery information (state of charge, state of health, cycle count, etc.). These data may be converted into job reports. RAYLINK is accessible via a computer or a mobile device. It is subscription based and provided free of charge within the warranty period.

RAYMO Brochure Cover
What operators say about RAYMO Commercial Electric Mowers

Testimonials Courtesy of RAYMO.

Remember ...

If there's a piece of equipment you were hoping to rent and you don’t see it here, let us know. There’s a good chance we’ll purchase it and then rent it to you!

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