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Harnessing the power of FYREBX for safer fire fighting equipment. 

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We are the exclusive dealer for GC-T3 worldwide!

The Green Climber LV800 with the FYREBX T3 attachment, known as GC-T3, is now available throughout the world, exclusively from Jesse Mack Company. 
This fire fighting equipment pairs the innovative liquid-moving FYREBX technology with the remote-control Green Climber LV800 track loader. 
The GC-T3 easily navigates rough and hard-to-access terrains on slopes up to 60 degrees. With a 300-gallon water capacity, it douses fires while the operator works remotely from a safer distance. 
​​The GC-T3 has two independently controlled nozzles with a dual-port design.
Plus that 300 gallons of water may be turned into 3,000 gallons of foam by using either air aspirated or compressed air foam injection. 
Prevention is also a suitable use for this fire fighting equipment.

Other Applications

The GC-T3 may be used for other liquid-distribution applications such as watering lawns, dust control, fertilizing, pesticides, and hydro-seeding.

Green Climber T3 Specs

  • Volume: 300 Gallons (1,135) Liters.

  • Dimensions: 73" wide, 42" tall, 118" deep (211 cm wide x 104 cm tall x 155 cm deep)

  • Weight: Empty: +/- 1160 lbs. (526 kgs), Full: +/- 3,660 lbs (1,660 kgs).

  • Circulatory agitation up to 250 gpm (946 LPM). Pellet hydro-mulch or hydroseed material only.

  • Spray from nozzle, hose, or monitor gun.

  • Air aspirated nozzle will produce 10:1 expansion = 3,000 gals (1,361 kgs) of foam.

  • Submerged Hydraulic water pump: water flow rate with 250 feet (7.62 m) of 1.5" (38.1 mm) fire hose and a 1.5"x 5/8" (38.1 mm x 15.875 mm) tapered nozzle tip produces 115 psi @ 70 GPM (52 psi @ 265 LPM). The hydraulic flow control was set at 16 GPM (61 LPM) to achieve these flow rates.

  • The hydraulic flow control can be adjusted from #5 (8 GPM/30 LPM) to #10 (16 GPM/61 LPM) on the flow control to achieve your desired water psi and GPM.

  • Hydraulic water pump: flow rate 5 GPM to 250 GPM (19 LPM to 946 LPM) of water.

  • Standard hydraulic flow is required.

  • All plumbing NST.

  • Cathodic protection.

  • Construction: Multiple interior baffles, Exterior 10 & 12-gauge steel.

  • Finish: Double powder coat on interior and exterior.

  • Green Climber attachment plate: 3/8" (9.525 mm) steel.

  • Forklift skids: 1/4” (6.35 mm) steel.
    Courtesy FYREBX website: Updated December 2023

We're proud to be the exclusive dealer for
Green Climber T-3 worldwide.

NOTE: JMack Rentals is California Small Business Certified.
We enjoy a 5% bidding preference.

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