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Green Climber LV300 Pro Slope Mower

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The Green Climber LV300 PRO is ideal for clearing heavy growth on solar farms, landfills, watersheds, and similar terrain. 
This remote control mower makes short work of grasses and brush including cattails and water reeds. The Green Climber LV300 PRO 25 Hp Tier-4 Diesel engine operates on steep inclines to 60 degrees, remotely and safely from 500 feet. Multiple attachments are available.
This remote controlled slope mower features a Yanmar Liquid Cooled Engine. The Green Climber LV300 PRO offers extendable tracks, shiftable flail head, two-inch cutting capacity and on-board battery charger.

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Alexa Young, CA

"Our main function is to change our environment a bit, we have a few species out here that are giving us some grief and we're looking to shift to more of a natural pasture environment. And manpower is tough to come by. It's something we could tackle with a machine but time and energy and liability ... running into rattlesnakes, those types of things make it a dangerous job and this just allows us to get into areas where we don't like to send people into. So it worked great. It cleared more than I was expecting it to in a pretty short amount of time so ... pretty happy with the result." 

California User

Alexa Young, CA

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