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The Remote Control Slope Mower that Does the Toughest Jobs. Safely.

LV800 Remote Control Slope Mower Clearing Brush on a Hill.jpg

Green Climber Remote Control Slope Mowers take on the brush of steep terrains with agility and the ability to move in any direction. Green Climber remote control mowers work on slopes of up to 60 degrees, and, depending on the model, can be remotely operated from a distance of up to 1,000 feet. A Green Climber remote control slope mower takes down overgrowth of up to 8-inches in diameter. Their low center of gravity keeps them glued to the ground. The engineering on these remote controlled slope mowers is industrial-grade for superior performance to other brands.

Green Climber Remote Control Slope Mower Advantages

  • One operator performs the work of ten!

  • No more lane closures needed.

  • Easy transport by trailer or small van.

  • Works on extreme slopes up to 60 degrees.

  • Works in any direction.

  • Ten times faster than traditional systems.

  • Remote control and special protections of the mower deck prevent objects being thrown towards the operator or bystanders.

  • Agility to avoid obstacles like trees, road signs, etc.

  • Works at longer distances compared to boom mowers.

  • Operation costs are lower than tractors with boom mowers.

  • High flexibility and productivity with all attachments — all movements are remote controlled.

  • EPA compliant.

  • Reduces operator liability.

  • Increases owner’s safety standards.

"Our main function is to change our environment a bit, we have a few species out here that are giving us some grief and we're looking to shift to more of a natural pasture environment. And manpower is tough to come by. It's something we could tackle with a machine but time and energy and liability ... running into rattlesnakes, those types of things make it a dangerous job and this just allows us to get into areas where we don't like to send people into. So it worked great. It cleared more than I was expecting it to in a pretty short amount of time so ... pretty happy with the result." 

California User

Alexa Young, CA


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