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Grapple Truck for Rent in California

Disposes Bulk Refuse
Quickly and Efficiently

JMack Rentals is pleased to offer our grapple trucks for rent in California. 

The grapple truck allows you to dispose bulky refuse quickly with minimal effort, saving time and money. The powerful  grappling arm lifts and moves debris to a large bin.

The grapple truck arm is moved via a hydraulic system which ensures precision in the pick up process — even in difficult spaces, debris is removed easily. With the hydraulic joysticks, only one person is required to operate both the truck and the arm, again reducing the cost of labor. 

The operator works safely in the cab.

The grapple truck handles debris such as:

  • City Homeless Encampment Debris Cleanup

  • Construction Debris

  • Demolition Debris: Concrete, Metal, Brick, Asphalt

  • Tree Branches

  • Logs

  • Scrap Metal

  • Household Waste

  • And More

Pricing depends on time of year, demand, and availability.

JMack Rentals is California Small Business Certified. We enjoy a 5% bidding preference.


Our grapple truck is available for rent in the major cities of California: Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding areas.

For further information Contact Us today!

Non-CDL Grapple Truck for Rent

Get all the benefits of the larger grapple truck with a smaller one that doesn't require a commercial driver's license.

Non-CDL Grapple Truck for Rent

For further information Contact Us today!

Remember ...

If there's a piece of equipment you were hoping to rent and you don’t see it here, let us know. There’s a good chance we’ll purchase it and then rent it to you!

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