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Pac-Mac Rear-Loading Garbage Truck

Rear-Loading Garbage Trucks: Ideal for California Homeless Encampment Cleanup

JMack Rentals has rear-loading garbage trucks for rent. These trucks are versatile vehicles that process most types of home and business waste:

  • Trash — Food and Household Waste

  • Recycling — Aluminum Cans, Newspapers, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Metal, Glass

  • Yard — Grass Clippings, Pruning Debris, Leaves, Branches

In addition, the rear-loading garbage truck is especially suitable for picking up refuse bags during a homeless encampment cleanup project.
They require just one operator to drive and to operate the hydraulic arm. One or two helpers ride along to connect bins to hydraulic lift or to load garbage at the rear. 
The compact size of the rear-loading garbage truck makes it easier (and safer) to maneuver on busy streets. 

Rental pricing depends on time of year, demand, and availability.

JMack Rentals is California Small Business Certified. We enjoy a 5% bidding preference.

Our rear-loading garbage truck is available for rent in the major cities of California: Sacramento, San Francisco, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego, and surrounding areas.

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