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Green Climber LV800 Steep Slope Mower

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The Green Climber LV800 is a powerhouse steep slope mower, excellent in forestry and other heavy vegetation terrains. For example, terrain with three to six years of overgrowth and trees up to 8-inches in diameter are mulched and shredded by the Green Climber LV800 steep slope mower. 


The flail head is equipped with carbide teeth in two varieties — fixed and 360° rotation.

A forestry cage protects the hydraulics and components of the Green Climber LV800 steep slope mower from flying and falling branches and debris. Operator works remotely and safely with a 500-feet radius.

The 75 hp diesel engine on this steep slope mower is the largest in its class without requiring regen or DEF treatment for exhaust regulations. The Green Climber LV800 steep slope mower offers a common rail turbo intercooler diesel engine with low fuel consumption and high torque, even at low rpm. Its superior engineering is reflected in the patented system that ensures the lubrication of the motor on extreme terrains.

The Green climber LV800 steep slope mower engine meets EPA, TIER4 FINAL standards and is ready for the EU Stage-V standard.

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Alexa Young, CA

"Our main function is to change our environment a bit, we have a few species out here that are giving us some grief and we're looking to shift to more of a natural pasture environment. And manpower is tough to come by. It's something we could tackle with a machine but time and energy and liability ... running into rattlesnakes, those types of things make it a dangerous job and this just allows us to get into areas where we don't like to send people into. So it worked great. It cleared more than I was expecting it to in a pretty short amount of time so ... pretty happy with the result." 

California User

Alexa Young, CA

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