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Green Climber LV800 Steep Slope Mower

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Rentals are monthly.

The Green Climber LV800 is a powerhouse steep slope mower, excellent in forestry and other heavy vegetation terrains. For example, terrain with three to six years of overgrowth and trees up to 8-inches in diameter are mulched and shredded by the Green Climber LV800 steep slope mower. 


The flail head is equipped with carbide teeth in two varieties — fixed and 360° rotation.

A forestry cage protects the hydraulics and components of the Green Climber LV800 steep slope mower from flying and falling branches and debris. Operator works remotely and safely with a 500-feet radius.

The 75 hp diesel engine on this steep slope mower is the largest in its class without requiring regen or DEF treatment for exhaust regulations. The Green Climber LV800 steep slope mower offers a common rail turbo intercooler diesel engine with low fuel consumption and high torque, even at low rpm. Its superior engineering is reflected in the patented system that ensures the lubrication of the motor on extreme terrains.

The Green climber LV800 steep slope mower engine meets EPA, TIER4 FINAL standards and is ready for the EU Stage-V standard.

We're proud to be the sole dealer for
Green Climber in California and Texas!

Did you know?
We sell more Green Climbers than any other dealer in the nation.

Prior to investing in the Green Climber, we had to shut down our bucket trucks and have a full crew of eight people hand cutting banks. The Green Climber has completely changed our day-to-day, right-of-way operations. It can cut up to 8"of debris. We now use only three people and the Green Climber to do the same job. 

Nick Oney, Fleet Manager for WA Kendall Vegetation

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