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Skid Steer with Stump Grinder for Rent
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Remove stumps above and below ground with a Diamond stump grinder attachment. These stump grinders are powerful, easy to operate, and effective.
SK Reflex Stump Grinder
SK Miller Stump Grinder.

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SK Reflex Stump Grinder

The SK Reflex Stump Grinder reduces stumps to a pulp using strong machinery involving premium components. Cutting teeth are on both sides of the wheel for swift, effective pulverizing. With its responsive suspension, overloading is prevented. 

SK Reflex Stump Grinder Features

  • Carbide teeth on both sides of wheel

  • Teeth may be rotated 180º to increase life and efficiency

  • Available in 24″ and 26″ wheel diameter

  • Configures with both standard flow and high-flow hydraulic machines

SK Reflex Stump Grinder Capabilities

  • Handles large stump clearing jobs

  • Cuts, shreds, mulches material

  • Grinds any stump above and below ground level

  • Operates in tight spaces

  • Operates close to buildings or fences 

What Operators Say about the SK Reflex Stump Grinders

Testimonials Courtesy of Diamond Mowers.

SK Miller Stump Grinder

The SK Miller is similar in power and efficiency as a self-contained commercial stump grinder. The 26-inch stump grinder attachment features 6-way wheel positioning to effectively remove a tree stump without having to reposition the skid-steer. The heavy-duty grinding wheel is suitable for large stump clearing projects. 

Chain Guard

The SK Miller Stump Grinder comes with a chain guard to shield the operator from flying debris. It also prevents buildup of debris within the skid steer’s tracks.

Push Blade

The SK Miller Stump Grinder is equipped with a push blade that fills in the holes created when clearing stumps below ground level. Plus it does double-duty as an anchor while grinding stumps in order to halt unwanted movement and vibration.

SK Miller Stump Grinder Features

  • 26" cutting width

  • Configures with high-flow hydraulic machines 

  • 6-way cutting wheel positioning 

  • Carbide teeth on both sides of wheel

  • 1" thick heavy-duty grinding wheel

  • Teeth may be rotated 180° to increase life and efficiency

  • Chain Guard

  • Push Blade

SK Miller Stump Grinder Capabilities

  • Cuts, shreds, and mulches material

  • Grinds any stump above and below ground level

  • Smooth slicing through tough material

  • Swing, lift, and telescoping functionality

What Operators Say about the SK Miller Stump Grinders

Testimonials are courtesy of Diamond Mowers.

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